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The Ultimate Guide to Taiwan self-Driving gharry: What You Need to Know

Introduction Taiwan self-Driving gharry

Fasten your seatbelt and get set to explore Taiwan like never before with the best self-driving guide! Taiwan presents an ideal fusion of culture, nature, and gastronomic delights just waiting to be discovered at your speed. From gorgeous scenery to busy city streets. As we dive into all you need to know for an incredible self-driving adventure in this captivating island nation, say goodbye to strict timetables and hello to freedom on the open road. Now, let’s start the exploration by accelerating those engines!

The Benefits of Self-Driving in Taiwan

A self-driving adventure in Taiwan offers countless opportunities for exploration and learning. One of its key benefits is the flexibility it provides. Make your schedule, pause where you choose, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

You can travel by car in Taiwan to visit off-the-beaten-path locations that might be difficult to reach by public transit. Imagine discovering undiscovered treasures, quaint towns, or stunning vistas not on the usual tourist paths.

An additional benefit is firsthand exposure to genuine local culture. Interacting with residents in rural areas or eating street food from roadside booths can give one insight into Taiwanese life outside well-known tourist destinations.

Furthermore, driving allows you to fully take in Taiwan’s varied landscape, which ranges from quiet lakes and lush mountains to energetic cities and immaculate beaches. It’s truly priceless to feel empowered and independent while you explore this stunning island at your own pace.

Preparing for a Self-Driving Trip in Taiwan

There are a few essential things to remember when preparing for autonomous travel in Taiwan. Before you drive, you should first and foremost make sure you have an international driving permit. By doing this, you may confirm that driving is lawful in Taiwan.

Learn the nation’s traffic laws and road signs to avoid surprises when driving. If you are familiar with the local driving habits, it will be easier for you to drive on Taiwanese roads.

It is crucial to select the appropriate car for your journey. Size, fuel economy, and comfort should all be considered when choosing a rental car.

These preparatory procedures will prepare you for a seamless and joyful self-driving journey through Taiwan’s breathtaking scenery and energetic cities.

A. Obtaining an International Driving Permit

Are you considering taking a self-driven trip to Taiwan? Getting an International Driving Permit is a crucial step. In many countries, including Taiwan, this document—a translation of your local driver’s license—is necessary for driving.

To apply for an International Driving Permit, you must go via official channels in your nation of origin. Typically, the procedure entails sending an application, a fee, and passport-sized pictures; planning and p, providing enough time for processing before your vacation is crucial.

Knowing you can drive lawfully in foreign countries like Taiwan might give you peace of mind. It might also be helpful if you encounter linguistic difficulties during traffic stops or collisions.

Recall that an international driver’s licence expires typically one year after issuance. Thus, confirm that it will last the whole length of your journey through Taiwan!

B. Familiarizing with Traffic Rules and Road Signs

To drive safely and enjoyably, you must become familiar with Taiwan’s traffic laws and road signs. Before you hit the road, familiarise yourself with the local driving laws. Remember that in Taiwan, cars travel on the right side of the road, so be ready to adjust.

Spend some time learning about the typical road signs you can come across. Understanding the meaning of these signs—from directional indicators to speed limits—will help you stay focused and avoid confusion. Furthermore, acquaint yourself with any particular traffic rules or conventions that apply in Taiwan that may not be the same in your country of origin.

To become used to local driving customs and manners, think about driving in a less congested location. Knowing how other drivers act can make you feel more competent when navigating different scenarios.

Always be on the lookout, particularly at unfamiliar crossroads or more trafficked places. Knowing the traffic laws and signage will make you feel more prepared and at ease throughout your self-driving trip to Taiwan.

C. Choosing the Right Vehicle

Selecting the appropriate car is essential when setting off a self-driving journey in Taiwan. Choosing a small automobile will make navigating congested areas and small streets much more accessible. If driving a manual is difficult, you could rent an automatic gearbox for convenience.

A 4WD car will provide superior traction and handling when venturing through rocky or mountainous areas, such as Taroko National Park. Make sure the vehicle you choose has a decent fuel economy because there might not be petrol stations in far-flung places.

When choosing a rental car, safety should be your first concern. Seek automobiles with contemporary safety features, including stability control, airbags, and ABS brakes. Before getting on the road, remember to inspect the brakes and tyres.

To ensure a hassle-free and pleasurable experience when self-driving in Taiwan, select a car that meets your needs and comfort level!

Top Places to Visit While Self-Driving in Taiwan

Some must-see locations in Taiwan may astound you with their beauty and charm when you drive yourself. Taroko National Park is one of these locations; it’s well-known for its gorgeous marble cliffs, verdant forests, and meandering pathways with breathtaking views. The sensation of driving through the park’s winding roads, encircled by majestic mountains, will never be forgotten.

Sun Moon Lake is another beautiful lake in Taiwan that can be discovered by car. It’s a calm body of water surrounded by stunning mountains. Enjoy the peaceful ambience by taking a leisurely drive around the lake. Stop by the temples and pagodas nearby for a taste of local culture.

Kenting National Park is ideal for anyone craving sun and sand after their self-drive journey. With its sandy beaches, coral reefs, and lively nightlife, Kenting offers a combination of excitement and relaxation for any driver.

As you drive around Taiwan’s many landscapes, each place has a distinct charm waiting to be explored.

A. Taroko National Park

Tucked away in the central region of Taiwan, Taroko National Park is home to jaw-dropping marble cliffs, thunderous rivers, and verdant woods. See famous locations like the Eternal Spring Shrine with its tumbling waterfall as you pass through narrow lanes encircled by towering rock formations.

There are countless paths for hikers, ranging from little strolls to strenuous hikes that provide expansive vistas of the gorge below. Benefit from the Swallow Grotto Trail, where you may see swallows swooping through little slits that the Liwu River has formed over time.

Renting a bicycle to explore the park’s varied terrain or going on a guided tour are two options for a memorable experience. Amidst its natural wonders, Taroko National Park promises to provide unique experiences for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

B. Sun Moon Lake

It would help if you stopped at Sun Moon Lake, a stunning location in the centre of Taiwan, during your self-driving journey. You will be utterly amazed at the serene waters’ captivating sight as they glisten in the sunlight. Pause at one of the numerous overlooks around the lake to capture the ideal photo ops.

Explore the neighbourhood to take in the rich cultural legacy of the native Thao people. Visit the various temples and pagodas dotted throughout the coast; each one narrates a tale of spirituality and customs. For an alternative viewpoint, rent a bike and ride your boat leisurely around the lake’s circumference.

Savour regional specialities at neighbouring restaurants serving authentic Taiwanese food while admiring breathtaking scenery. Every tourist wishing to take in Taiwan’s stunning natural surroundings can find something to enjoy at Sun Moon Lake, whether looking for adventure or relaxation.

C. Kenting National Park

Kenting National Park is an essential location for outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors. Situated near Taiwan’s southernmost point, it offers a variety of scenery, including immaculate beaches and lush woodlands.

Kenting National Park’s main attractions include the breathtaking coral reefs and pristine seas, which are ideal for diving and snorkelling. This underwater environment is a diver’s dream come true because it is brimming with vibrant marine life.

On land, guests can find hiking trails leading to expansive vistas overlooking the shoreline. The park also has intriguing caverns and rock formations that must be explored.

Whenever you visit Kenting National Park, remember to bring sunscreen and swimwear. It would help if you also took a cool plunge in the water or lounged on one of its stunning beaches.

Tips for Navigating

Having a dependable GPS or offline map is imperative when travelling in Taiwan. You will be best served using a navigation programme because the road signs need to be in English. Plan your trip and become familiar with the essential sights along the way.

Driving safely requires awareness of the unpredictable nature of traffic, particularly in crowded areas like Taipei. Always use your turn signals while changing lanes or making turns, and be ready for any unexpected lane changes.

Be mindful of other road users, such as cyclists and motorcyclists. Respect their right of way and give them lots of room. Additionally, pay attention to people crossing the roadway, particularly near crossroads and crosswalks.

Ask locals or other drivers for assistance if you need clarification on directions or local traffic laws. Taiwanese people are renowned for their warmth and readiness to help needy tourists. In Taiwan, we embrace the experience of self-driving cars, but we continuously prioritise safety!


As you come to the end of your self-driving vacation in Taiwan, keep in mind that the trip is just as significant as the goal. You will always cherish the memories you have made. Every encounter has brought something special to your journey, whether sailing through the breathtaking gorges of Taroko National Park, discovering the serene beauty of Sun Moon Lake, or tanning on the gorgeous beaches of Kenting National Park.

Thanks to the liberty and flexibility of self-driving, you have discovered hidden gems and made lifelong memories by seeing Taiwan at your leisure. Adventurers like yourself have many sights to explore in Taiwan, ranging from vibrant metropolises to tranquil rural settings.

Take mementoes and photos from your time spent in this stunning island nation and a sense of contentment and amazement from all your sights and experiences. Have a happy trip!


1. Can I use my regular driver’s license in Taiwan?

You have a valid driving licence from your home country and an International Driving Permit (IDP).

2. Are there toll roads in Taiwan?

Indeed, Taiwan has toll roads, particularly on its motorways and highways. Make sure you have enough cash on hand to cover the tolls.

3. Is it safe to drive in Taiwan?

Taiwanese drivers tend to drive safely and effectively; however, they must be ready for heavy traffic during rush hours in large cities.

4. What is the parking situation like in popular tourist destinations?

Parking might be difficult in popular tourist destinations like Sun Moon Lake and Taroko National Parktake a lot of work. You are advised to arrive early or park in approved spaces.

5. What should I do if I encounter a language barrier while driving?

In places where English is not the primary language, having a GPS with Mandarin language support might be helpful for navigation.

Travelling Taiwan on a self-driven gharry gives you unmatched flexibility and freedom to see this stunning island at your speed. If you are prepared, understand the laws governing local traffic, and select the appropriate car, you may go on an incredible road trip full of breathtaking scenery and fascinating cultural encounters that will leave you wanting more.

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